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VIDEOS: Our Missing Trillions - GRADE 9-12

Where do our tax dollars go? In these videos students will learn how 25% of the defense budget has gone missing for decades. By 2018, $21 trillion had been spent without a record of where it had gone. Knowledge of this fact is crucial to properly inform our present and future electorate of the activities of our federal government.


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and others discuss the Missing Trillions.

Note that this corresponded to $8,070 for every American in 2001.


Michigan State University economist Dr. Mark Skidmore discusses updates to the situation since 2001. The main points of this talk are covered from 0:00-5:51, the rest of the talk adds greater detail and nuance.

Note that this corresponded to $64,260 missing for every American in 2018.

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