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RESOURCE: Junior Achievement of Hawaii - JA Personal Finance - GRADE 9-12

Junior Achievement (JA) programs provide a modular learning experience that teaches students about the mindset and the skills needed for success by aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators who add value to any organization.

JA pairs teachers with volunteer presenters to deliver the program in either in-person, virtual, or blended formats, and/or will provide training for teachers to deliver these programs themselves as well. Provision of a volunteer to teach each class is provided free of charge. Call or Email Junior Achievement of Hawaii for more information or to schedule a volunteer to teach the program below.

JA Personal Finance allows students to experience the interrelationship between today’s financial decisions and future financial freedom. To achieve financial health and wellness, they learn about money-management strategies, including earning, employment and income, budgeting, savings, credit and debt, consumer protection, smart shopping, risk management, investing, credit card usage, debt management, and net worth. The program consists of eight 45-minute sessions with 3 additional modular sessions.

Here is a YouTube video from ThinkTech Hawaii about JA

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