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RESOURCE: Geothermal Energy - GRADE 7-12

Kalakaua Visits Edison: The King in Search of a Means to Light up Honolulu

The cost of electricity in Hawaii is the highest in the country, approximately double the national average. Our high energy price presents a significant burden to local families and local businesses - especially the manufacturing and IT-related industries.

But did you know that tests indicate all the main Hawaiian islands including Oahu and Kauai have sufficient underground heat to power fuel-free plants in perpetuity, just like the country of Iceland and the Salton Sea Plants outside San Diego?

Listen to UH Professor of Geophysics and Director of the Hawaii Groundwater and Geothermal Resources Center, Nicole Lautze discuss the potential for Hawaii to become a world leader in cheap, secure, renewable, and baseload-suitable geothermal power.


Thomas, D. (1986). Geothermal Resources Assessment in Hawaii. Geothermics, 15(4): 435-514.

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